Nursery Programs

Our Nursery Programs comprise of three programs Toddler One, Two and Three. Below is an overview of what each of our programs offer.

Toddler One 

Child in Bear onsie

Children from birth to age three are in the most critical period for language development.  It is during the period of 18 month until 2 years old, we find children become active explorers and need many small and gross motor activities, as well as opportunities to problem solve.  This is a prime age for building connections within the brain in the areas of language, cognitive skills, social emotional development and physical development. 

It is during this time they gain an awareness of self and respond to situations using emotions such as laughter, excitement, and sadness.  They begin to interact socially with others, and sing songs that have one-syllable rhyming words or repetitive words.  

They begin to become aware of the world around them, using all five senses to explore and discover new things.  


Toddler Two & Toddler Three

Kids Eating

For children between the ages of 2 years to 3 years of age.  Two/Three year olds are full of energy and begin to exert their independence.  They are beginning to discover their independence and demonstrate a curiosity about their surroundings and other people.  At this age, children begin to be more social and interact with other children, engaging in small groups and large group activities more. 

They enjoy freedom to explore on their own, while actively participating in teacher guided lessons. 

This is a fun age because they begin to gain a sense of their self in relationship to others, and actively seek out activities that are challenging.  Two year olds are learning how to get along with others and take pride in their accomplishments, by three they are ready to be challenged with more academic activities.