A Typical Day

A Typical Day For Nursery Students


What is a Typical Day in Nursery like for students?

Each program at the The Learning Tree is designed and planned to meet the needs of each individual child and their specific developmental stage. However, each group will participate in some fundamental activities that is core to our curriculum. Below is a sample of the type of day and activities your child will be participating in. Each day our Nursery Classes provide the following programs, they are developed to meet age-appropriate expectations.

 A Typical Day in Nursery will include:
  • Morning Circle Time
  • Large Group Activity Time
  • Arabic Class
  • Toddler Gym
  • Science Lab
  • Lunch Time
  • Learning Centers – Some of these centers include:
    • Math
    • Reading and Listening
    • Writing
    • Art
    • Language Arts/study
    • Mat Activities
    • Manipulatives
    • Fine Motor
  • Outdoor Play
  • Story Time
 A Typical Day in Preschool and Reception will include:
  • Morning Free Writing and Letter Formation
  • Calendar Time
  • Large Group Activity
  • Lunch
  • Math
  • English/Language Arts Period
  • Science Lab
  • Gym/PE Period
  • Art Exploration and Project-based Experiences
  • Fine Motor Exploration
  • Dance/Music
  • Story Time