A Typical Day in Kindergarten

A Typical Day For Kindergarten Students


What is a Typical Day In Kindergarten like for Students?

 Kindergarten is developed using both American and British Standards that will enable them to transition smoothly into Elementary School curriculum’s in both school systems.  Activities are built around acquiring letter, word and reading comprehension skills that are coordinated with the American and British school expectations.  Math readiness skills are enhanced to include key learning and teaching goals and objectives set by the American and British school systems to  promote and encourage needed math skills for future Elementary School success.  The program is age-appropriately developed to not only meet these above standards but instruction is geared to provide a fun learning environment as well.

A Typical Day includes:

  • Morning Free Writing and Letter
  • Recognition Period
  • Calendar Time
  • Outdoor Large Group Play
  • Snack time/Lunch
  • Math Period
  • English/Language Arts Period
  • Science Lab
  • Gym/PE Period
  • Art Exploration and Project-based Experiences
  • Fine Motor Exploration
  • Dance/Music
  • Storytime

Kindergarten students in our school are challenged each day with new and exciting programs and activities while building a love for education and school.